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Release notes

Release 24.05.2024

  • It is faster to place a bid from My Lots page, Search page, Category page and Auction details page. Instead of two clicks, only one click is needed to place a bid.

  • It is easier to find Lots that are closing soon, and sort on Price using the new sorting menu on Categories page.

Release 08.05.2024

  • App update: Instant bidding has now been added to My Lots for ease of placing bids when time is of the essence.

  • App update: Lot specific documents can now be viewed in the app as well at the bottom of the Lot Details Page (when applicable)

  • App update: The amount of people that is following a specific lot is now visible in the Lot Details Page

  • App update: "View All" button was added for each photo gallery on the Lot Details Page. All pictures can now be seen in an album mode when that button is clicked.

Release 19.04.2024

  • It is much easier to view Collection and Viewing info on the Lot details page without scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the page.

  • Layout of Lot description and remarks, specifications, important information ("Attention please!") is optimized for better readability of critical info and viewing Recommended Lots at the bottom of the page.

  • Invoice PDF file is now renamed as the Invoice number for better readability and bookkeeping.

Release 22.03.2024

  • A new email has been introduced to notify bidders to wait for allocation/negotiation news when Reserve Price was not met

Release 11.03.2024

  • Lots with Reserve price are clearly marked if the price is met or not. It is also clear if a Lot do not have a Reserve price or are subject to allocation.

Bug Fixes

  • Auction description is displayed clearly without HTML tags

  • Removed "Won" status to clarify that Lot is not awarded until Allocation is accepted by the Seller

Release 29.02.2024

  • Request your bid deposit refund directly from your My Profile page on the mobile app and our website. Refunds are subject to our T&Cs.

  • Refunding your deposit is not possible when you are blocked, are the highest bidder on an ongoing auction, have unpaid lots in your account, or have yet to pick-up a lot from a collection day.

  • Pay your bid deposit upfront from your My Profile page on our website and enjoy and uninterrupted bidding experience on lots that require a bid deposit.

  • Checkout is easier and faster because the Delivery Information and Agreement confirmation actions are now combined into one step.

  • Switch accounts from Private to Business is no longer possible on the mobile app.

  • See more details about the lots you care about in My Lots on the mobile app. We’ve added more details like City, Country, Number of Bids and Lot Number to the cards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that slowed down response times on closing lots on mobile.

Release 16.02.2024

  • Lot attributes are easier to read with the new table view on Lot details page.

  • Watch Lot videos in the Lot gallery on Lot details page.

Bug Fixes

  • Place a bid by removing the pre-filled amount in Bidding form.

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